Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My homestead on the range...

Welcome to From My Tiny Homestead
- it's our first post here on the range.

Well, not really a range as much as one precious acre.

And right now.... homestead is used lightly, though with optimism.

And I don't have a clothesline. (yet.) Nor do I ever look that happy doing laundry....


(had to be a 'but' somewhere, after an opening like that right?) I said, we have optimism. We have an acre, we have goals, we have fresh dirt waiting for change, we have aspiring green thumbs and eco-friendly inspirations. So, please join us as we develop and create our own homestead.

From My Tiny Kitchen focuses completely on food and recipes and I have yet another site coming soon (!) - but some of the goals of From My Tiny Homestead are:
  • gardening and all that entails
  • canning and food preserves
  • eco-friendly, homemade cleaners
  • my first venture into cloth diapers
  • creative ways to eliminate waste from your home
  • saving $$ creatively
  • edible landscaping
  • reduce, reuse, recycle!
  • home repairs and construction

I am very excited to introduce this new and exciting challenge in our lives. There will be plenty of posts, some giveaways, book reviews - plenty of fun activity!